To give you some level of control and privacy, you can set your Instagram profile to private so that people need to send a request and get approved before they can check out your posts. Choose to ignore the request, and they’ll be stuck in the Follow Request list forever. But did you know Instagram also has a list of people who snubbed your own follow requests?

How do you check Instagram’s list of people who ignored your follow requests?

Yes, Instagram has a handy list of people who have yet to respond (or chosen to ignore) your follow requests. To go there, follow the instructions below.

1. Tap the Menu button on your Profile, then go to Settings.

2. Under Settings, tap Security and then tap Access Data under Data and History.

3. Scroll down until you find the ‘Current Follow Requests’ under Connections.

4. Tap View All.

This will display all the usernames of all Instagram users that haven’t confirmed your follow request.


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Who appears on this list?

Once you ask to follow someone with a private Instagram profile, their username will appear on the list. The users in the list could be those who purposely ignored your request, as well as those who haven’t logged on to Instagram for quite a while and haven’t done some cleaning up of their profile.

There’s nothing other than usernames in the list. If you regularly send follow requests, your ‘Current Follow Requests’ will be a mix of people you’ve just requested to follow and those whose requests you’ve entirely forgotten.

How do you cancel your Instagram follow requests?

There’s no convenient one-tap button that will let you cancel all Follow Requests. You’ll have to cancel each request one at a time. It’s best that you take a screenshot of the usernames and cross off each username once you’ve looked up their individual profiles and tapped the Requested button to cancel the follow request.

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