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Getting started with Smart’s new Pay With Mobile service

Smart has launched its new Pay With Mobile service, a payment service that lets network subscribers use their load or account balance to buy mobile apps and items from the Apple App Store and iTunes. Here’s everything you need to know about the pay-with-load service.

Features and advantages of Smart Pay With Mobile

The Smart Pay With Mobile is all about simplicity and convenience. The network’s subscribers don’t need to have a separate account from another company or payment service just to buy apps from the Apple App Store and iTunes, because they only have to spend their prepaid load or be charged on their postpaid account.

In addition, there are no arduous processes to undergo or long forms to fill up. One single SMS message is all that’s needed to register. Once registered, buying apps is fast and easy.

How to register to Smart Pay With Mobile

All subscribers of Smart are qualified to register. Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text users are also eligible.

To sign up for an account, simply text REG to 4949. In a few moments, you’ll receive notification that confirms your registration. In that message, you’ll find a virtual MasterCard credit card number, a security code and an expiration date. Save these details; you’ll need them in the later steps. In case you lose your card details, text GET to 4949.

How to register to Smart Pay With Mobile

With the registration complete, proceed to your Apple ID Account Page on your iPhone or iPad. It’s located in Settings > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, and then tap on View Apple ID. Proceed to Payment Information and choose MasterCard. Fill out the necessary information, including the virtual credit card number, security code and expiration date. Fill out any Philippine address and press Done.

How to buy apps and make in-app purchases with Smart Pay With Mobile

Now that your virtual credit card number is associated with your Apple ID, you can now buy apps and stuff from the App Store and iTunes. You buy apps as you normally would using other payment methods. If the transaction is successful, Smart will send you an SMS notification.

Smart Pay With Mobile limitations and other information

Indeed, Smart Pay With Mobile is easy. But there are some things you need to know about using this pay-with-load service.

Additional service charge: A 15-percent charge is added on top of the app’s or item’s price. Smart claims that this additional charge accounts for the convenience, tax and foreign exchange rates.

Limited to iTunes and the App Store: Your virtual credit card is only usable on iTunes and the App Store. Expect failed transactions when you use it on other websites and online services. Note the word “virtual;” that means you won’t actually be getting a physical credit card. The same card number can be used for multiple Apple IDs, as long as you’re in compliance with Apple’s payment policies. Only Philippine-based Apple IDs can be associated with the card.

Purchase limit and refunds: You can buy apps and make in-app purchases as many times as you want, as long as your prepaid account has enough load or your postpaid account still hasn’t surpassed its monthly credit limit. Bought something by mistake? Refunds are possible via Apple’s customer support, but it’s subject to the iTunes and App Store refund policy.

Service termination: Should you wish to stop using Smart Pay With Mobile, simply text STOP to 4949. If your card has gone past its expiration date, contact Smart’s customer support for deactivation and account renewal.

Still have more questions about Smart Pay With Mobile? Contact Smart’s customer support at *888 using your Smart number.

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