Did you know that there’s an official and more secure way to share Android apps with another user even when both devices are offline?

Downloading or updating a full app on Google Play Store can be quite challenging, especially if you’re working with a slow internet connection or limited data allocation. Fortunately, Google Play Store has a built-in and secure feature that lets you share apps with a friend or family, so they don’t have to download over the internet the app that you already have on your device.


This feature is also useful if both users want to update the same app. If you have limited data, one user can get the update over the internet, and have that update shared with another user locally.

So, without further ado, here’s a guide on how you can share apps from one Android to another offline (without using the internet).


How to share apps from Android to Android offline

Step 1: On the sender phone, open the Google Play Store then tap the profile icon on the top right corner.


Step 2: Click Manage apps & devices.


Step 3: In the Overview section, tap Send under Share apps.


Step 4: Click Continue then Allow.


Step 5: Choose the apps you want to share and hit the send icon in the top right corner.


Step 6: On the receiver phone, follow similar steps: Go to the Google Play Store > click the profile icon on the top right > tap Manage apps & devices > Receive in the Share apps section.

Don’t forget to hit Continue and Allow until you reach the “Waiting for sender” page.


Step 7: On the sender’s phone, choose the receiver’s phone.

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Step 8: A pairing code will pop up on both devices. Make sure that they are a match then tap Receive on the receiver phone.


Step 9: Wait for the transfer to finish and you’re done.


What apps can I share using Google Play Store?

According to Google’s website, you can share apps that are available for free or at no charge. You can also share app updates. What you can’t share are paid apps, books, movies, age-inappropriate apps, and corps apps.

What’s disappointing is, we weren’t able to transfer games like Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and others. This feature would’ve made more sense on apps like this, which usually have large file sizes.

Can I share apps with two or more Android phones at once?

No. You can only share apps with one person/device at a time.

Why can’t I find the app receiver phone?

First, make sure that the receiver phone has done the process on their end. Once done, make sure that both devices are within 20 feet of one another. You can also check if the permissions for WiFi, Bluetooth, and Location on both phones are enabled.

Pretty easy, right? That’s how you can share apps from one Android device to another using the Google Play Store, even without an internet connection. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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