Run two applications simultaneously with MIUI 8’s Dual Apps feature

Running two applications simultaneously with MIUI 8’s Dual Apps

Having to run two instances of the same application is a feature external to most smartphones.

With applications like Parallel Space, App Cloner, 2Face, and 2Accounts make for a list of third-party applications that enable this feature, no Android version, stock or aftermarket firmware had the same built-in functionality.

That was, in fact, the case until earlier in 2016 when Xiaomi incorporated the same “cloning” feature with its MIUI 8 via the Dual Apps.

By default, the MIUI 8 will still run applications like any other Android-based OS normally would: one instance at a time.

However, with MIUI 8’s Dual Apps, users are given the power to clone any particular application installed in their devices thereby giving it the capability to run two instances of the same app. This is incredibly useful for users who are using more than one account on specific applications like social media and instant messengers but cannot carry more than one smart device at any time for simultaneous use.

For many users, this means being able to use two different accounts at the same time on two different instances of the same application, all in the exact same device.

But cloning an application does not happen by default, it must be set. Luckily, having to clone an app for simultaneous use is pretty simple and straightforward:

How to enable Dual Apps in MIUI 8

  1. Go to the Settings from the home menu.
  2. Scroll and look for the “Dual apps” feature.
  3. Choose the app you want to clone.

Users would know they had cloned a particular application right by seeing two different icons of the same software on their device’s home screen where the cloned version is made identifiable via an indention on its icon.

Although the original application may be run on a different setting from its clone, deleting the app automatically also deletes the copied version.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section and we would help you out. Let us know if you’ve successfully implemented this on your device and what apps do you use it for.


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