Do you want to receive alerts and notifications from your Android devices while you are using your iPhone or iPad? Say no more!

Whether people asked for this or not, this notification mirroring is now available. Thanks to this ingenious app, and a little bit of work, iOS devices can now receive alerts (SMS, calls, events and more) from your Android device.


Available for both Apple and Android,  IFTT (or “If This, Then That”) allows users to create mini apps – applets, that can perform tasks under a particular set of circumstances. It has an extensive menu of triggers and actions, making the possibilities more fun and inventive.

The logic behind the name is that the IFTTT app creates applet where you pick an “If This” trigger that has an equivalent “Then That” action. Go crazy and random with the applets as long as it is within the capability of IFTTT.

One of the triggers present in IFTTT is on Android SMS message while one of the actions is to show a customizable Android of iOS notification. With this two, you can make an applet that will notify all the IFTTT-connected devices (Android or iOS) once a message is sent to your Android device. This means that you can leave your Android phone when not in use or while charging and not go back all the time. You simply bring your iOS device (with the IFTTT app) and wait for the notifications to come.



Download the app (App Store and Google Play) for the devices you want to connect.

  1. Create an account and use the same accounts on all your devices. (Once this is done, all IFTT applets will appear in the rest of the devices.)
  2. Once logged in, open IFTTT on your favorite device or in a desktop browser. Tap the “+” or New Applet button. Android-Notifications-Alerts-iPad-iPhone-IFTT-NoypiGeeks
  3. Once tapped, the Applet Maker Screen will appear with four big words, “IF”, “THIS”, “THEN”, and “THAT”. The word “This” will be highlighted in blue and will have a big “+”, tap “This”. Receive-Android-Notifications-Alerts-iPad-iPhone-IFTT-NoypiGeeks-2
  4. After this, the multicolored tiles menu will open, which represents triggers available for the applet. Type “Android” in the search box located at the top to open all available Android triggers. Look for “Android SMS”. Tap it to open the trigger. Guide-Receive-Android-Notifications-Alerts-iPad-iPhone-IFTT-NoypiGeeks-3
  5. Once opened, you can pick among those present but for this tutorial, choose “Any new SMS received”. After choosing that, the app will bring you back to the “If This Then That” screen with the word “That” highlighted. Tap it then an action “Notifications” will appear.  Tutorial-Receive-Android-Notifications-Alerts-iPad-iPhone-IFTT-NoypiGeeks-4
  6. The only action available is “Send a notification”, so tap it as well as the check mark next to “Complete Action”.How-to-get-Android-Notifications-Alerts-iPad-iPhone-iOS-IFTT-NoypiGeeks-5

Other tutorials

That’s it. Now all your devices (IFTTT-connected devices) will receive notifications from your Android phone. No need to worry about missing a call or replying after a long time. Just enable the notifications for your devices. Open the “Settings” of your iOS device, go to “Notifications” and enable “IFTTT”.

Everything is customizable as well. Simply go to the IFTT’s “Settings” (gear icon) and edit your alert text under the “Notification” heading. If the notification stops coming in, it might be because of Android’s “battery optimization” feature which puts apps to sleep. In order to do this, open the “Settings” for your Android device, tap the three-dot menu button (located at the top corner screen), look and tap “Battery Optimization”, switch IFTTT’s entry to “Don’t Optimize”.

Once you get the app, you can make other applets that you want. Go ahead and explore it in any way, you might just discover brilliant ways to maximize the app to the fullest.

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