Mobile analytics company Opensignal has published its latest report on the mobile experience of Filipino users across 3G, 4G, and 5G. The biggest takeaway? The average 5G speed in the Philippines is 10.2 times faster than 4G.

Based on data collected between May and July 2021, Opensignal recorded a 5G average speed of 149 Mbps in the country. For the same period, the average speeds for 4G and 3G were 14.6 Mbps and 4.2 Mbps, respectively.


Opensignal also rated the experience of smartphone gamers. At 70.5 points, the 5G mobile gaming experience was rated fair. At 40.9, the gaming experience on 4G barely passed the 40-point threshold for a poor rating. 3G gaming experience is rated as very poor.


Compared to Opensignal’s previous report in June 2021, the 5G average speed increased by 7.9 Mbps. Surprisingly, the 5G-to-4G speed improvement ratio actually decreased by 0.2, as the Philippines at the time had a 5G average speed that was 10.4 times faster than 4G.

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