An Opensignal report published for June 2021 shows the 5G speeds in the Asia Pacific region.

The latest report says the Philippines has improved its average 5G download to 141.1Mbps, which is slightly higher than Hong Kong’s 134.8Mbps. It’s also catching up with Singapore’s 143.5Mbps. As usual, the fastest average speed belongs to South Korea with its 380.5Mbps.


Peak 5G download speed also improved, as PH got 426.2Mbps which is in the similar range as Thailand’s 414.9Mbps. Taiwan bagged the fastest peak download speed with 847.3Mbps.

When it comes to 5G upload, the Philippines is at the bottom of the barrel with only 12.1Mbps.

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Despite not topping the speed charts, the Philippines has shown one of the biggest improvements in the speed at 10.4 times when compared to the older 4G network. Taiwan shares the top spot with the same improvement ratio.

Globe, Smart, and DITO are rapidly deploying 5G networks all over the country, so we expect speeds to improve further in the coming months.

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