The lack of ability to sideload apps is one reason why many enthusiasts favor Android phones over iPhones.

For years, this conversation has been going on with some people hoping that Apple will slightly put down their “walled garden” and allow iPhone users to sideload apps. However, this latest development shows that it may never happen.

The folks from MacRumors spotted a document called “Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps” on Apple’s privacy website.

It basically went on to detail how Apple vets each app submission on its App Store and how they reject apps that are possibly harmful and may violate security and privacy. They even brought up a study that says third-party app stores on Android are not safe and security experts are wary of them.


In a recent interview, Apple Head of User Privacy Erik Neuenschwander added that iPhone users should move to other platforms if they’re really interested in sideloading apps because Apple is firm on its stance about the topic.

He added that users trust any of the apps they get from the App Store, which is a kind of freedom because they can worry-free download any app from the platform.

The executive also went on detail how supporting app sideload on mobile devices like iOS is different and more dangerous than having to download software on Mac freely.

He said that, since it’s a mobile device, you carry an iOS device around you any time, so it knows your location and pattern-of-life details, which attackers can use against you. Criminals can also take advantage of the microphone on your mobile phone.

On the other hand, using a Mac is a lot less personal. Neuenschwander said that Mac users tend to download apps for work or hobbies, then reach a steady state. Whereas on iPhones, users download apps on a continuing basis.

Bottomline is, it looks like sideloading apps on iOS will not happen soon.

Source: MacRumors

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