The Joker malware has returned.

Apparently, the Joker malware will not only collect the data of Android users but also steal money and more — and it’s been found recently on eight applications that are currently on the Google Play Store.

Quick Heal Security has spotted the apps below. They have already reported it to Google and are now removed from the app store. But if you still have it, remove them now.

  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Auxiliary Message
  • Super Message
  • Free CamScanner
  • Go Messages
  • Element Scanner
  • Super SMS
  • Travel Wallpapers
Image: Quick Heal Security Labs

It’s said that the Joker malware has the ability to sign up Android users to expensive paid subscriptions. It can also steal personal data, device information, contact lists, messages, and even make phone calls and more.

Quick Heal Security Labs suggests that users should examine an app’s ratings and reviews section before downloading to be safe from apps like these. A low rating can already tip you off that it’s a sketchy one. Some users will even leave comments about their bad experience if there are any.

Source: Quick Heal Security Labs

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