A few weeks ago, OpenSignal released a benchmarking report to rank cities and countries in terms of 5G experience. The result of their analysis shows that the users in the city of Jeonju, South Korea enjoy the fastest 5G experience.

Noted to be 15% faster than the South Korea national average, Jeonju’s 5G download speed is 415.6 Mbps paired with an upload speed of 21.3 Mbps. In second place is Hsinchu City in Taiwan at 360.1 Mbps download and 41.0 Mbps upload. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia comes in third with 317.3 Mbps download and 27.0 Mbps upload.

Out of the 10 fastest cities, the top five are from Asia. The rest are cities from Australia, Canada, and European countries.

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Perhaps a surprise to no one, no cities in the Philippines have made it to the top ten cities. But on the plus side, the Philippines is noted to have experienced one of the biggest improvements in using 5G over 4G.

With an average of 113.5 Mbps, 5G download speeds in the Philippines are found to be about 9.2 times faster than on 4G. In terms of video experience, the Philippines has improved by 26% on 5G versus 4G, with a streaming average of 75.4 Mbps.

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