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Countries with the fastest 5G download speed in the world


Curious to know which countries have the highest average 5G download speed worldwide?

Drawing from the analysis conducted by Opensignal, the following are the ten countries that offers the greatest download speed in 5G.


#1 Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the early adopters of 5G, which, through STC, equipped its many cities with the right infrastructure and render users with the best mobile network possible. At an average download speed of 414.2 Mbps, the KSA has the snappiest 5G download speed.

#2 South Korea

Considered by the world as the pioneer of 5G technology, South Korea rolled out 5G on April 3, 2019. As of writing, the country has 85 of its 100 cities covered by 5G, thanks to the efforts of private companies like LG Uplus Corp., KT Corp., and SK Telecom Co. The country’s average download speed is recorded at 312.7 Mbps.

#3 Australia

Australia is still well on its way for the massive rollout of 5G in its territory. Despite having relatively few cities that are covered by 5G, it nonetheless offers one of the fastest download speeds at 215.7 Mbps.

#4 Taiwan

Connecting a whole island-nation to the internet via 5G might seem like an easy feat, but it takes two companies to actually make this a fruition. While Far EasTone is the one responsible in commercializing 5G across the country, Ericsson plays fundamental role in providing for the core technology used in 5G. 

#5 Canada

A relatively fresh entry in the list, Canada’s 5G network is only some months old after having its launch this year. While covering the entire nation’s territories might take a while, companies such as Rogers, Telus, and Bell have already laid out the early steps towards that goal. The independent initiatives taken by these companies caused several cities in Canada to have 5G connectivity at 178.1 Mbps download speed. 


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#6 Kuwait

As surprising as it sounds, 5G has been available in the Middle East since around 2018, making the region a hotspot for early adopters of the latest technology. Kuwait, being a country blessed with the right resources, is one of those countries. As per Opensignal, the country’s average download speed is at 171.5 Mbps.

#7 Switzerland

Switzerland was already dead set in keeping its entire region connected to 5G, thanks to its hundreds of 5G towers. But concerns with the 5G radiation’s potentially harmful effects to health has caused the massive adoption to be put on a halt. Despite this issue, Switzerland is able to provide a fast download speed to those that rely on 5G at 150.7 Mbps.

#8 Hong Kong

Yet, another young entry in the list, Hong Kong’s adoption of 5G was a fairly recent event, taking place last April 2020. Companies such as China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK), Hutchison 3, and HTK being the pioneers of the trend. Of the three, CMHK has the greatest coverage of Hong Kong, covering 90% of the region, while HTK manages to render service to 11 of the 18 districts. The download speed averages at 142.8 Mbps.

#9 United Kingdom

5G kickstarted in the UK since 2019 which initially sees two of its network providers at the forefront of the service. Presently, all four of them are now rendering a similar service across UK’s towns and cities. Average 5G download speed at the UK is 133.5 Mbps.

#10 Germany

As many as a thousand of towns in Germany are already able to connect to the internet via 5G, covering an estimated 40 million individuals. The country earns its spot in the 10th ranking for its average download speed of 102 Mbps.

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