PUBG Mobile has seen massive and steady growth since kickstarting the “battle royale” genre back in 2018. With a popularity that sees its entry into mobile, the game also proved successful when it started blowing up records across the board.

In a recent report by Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile has managed to garner nearly $3.5 billion in gamer spending since its initial launch in 2018.

Despite being the pioneer of the genre, PUBG Mobile is not the first of its kind to hit the mobile space, however. This title belongs to Knives Out, which it subsequently overtakes in addition to Fortnite, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile.


At $1.6 billion in revenue in 2020, PUBG Mobile easily reigns supreme in the battle royale sphere, which is an income four times bigger than Garena’s Free Fire at only $395 million. Knives Out and Fortnite follow the ranking at $367 million and $263 million revenues, respectively.

It is worthy of note that the stated profit by PUBG Mobile does not include the China release of the same game, which saw rebranding to Game of Peace. Which, if considered, could see the game entrenched further into the ranking as the best-selling mobile title for 2020.

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