With 5G technology, China is leading in adoption, rollout, development, and other aspects. And it seems, with the next-generation 6G, the rising superpower in Asia will continue to maintain its dominance.

On April 26, which happened to be the World Intellectual Property Day, China let the world know how it’s in a different league with the rest of the world: owning as much as 35 percent of all 38,000 6G-related patents.


Through its state media, China has also proclaimed advancements in futuristic telecommunications technologies, such as wireless power transfer, terahertz networking, and optical wireless communication. Its tech powerhouse Huawei claims it can deploy 6G as early as 2030.

While a formal standard has yet to be accepted by the global community to define what true 6G tech is, 6G is expected to be up to 100 times faster than the fastest 5G that we have today.

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