Huawei aims to launch 6G tech by 2030, could be 50x faster than 5G


Most markets are still trying to embrace 5G technology. 5G networks are yet to be widely available, and affordable 5G-equipped smartphones are yet to be a norm.

However, Huawei is already out here already teasing its next-gen 6G technology. In its global analyst conference, Huawei chairman Xu Zhijun announced that it plans to introduce 6G equipment and network technology in 2030.

They also plan to release 6G white papers soon, explaining to industry people what it is.

A dean from the School of Information at Tsinghua University predicts that 6G may reach whopping speeds of 1,000GBps with under 0.1ms delay.

6G technology could be 50x faster than the already impressive 5G technology. The reports suggest that 6G will dominate 5G in terms of traffic density, delay, peak rate, connection density, spectrum efficiency, mobility, and positioning capabilities.


It’s so powerful that ultra-fast internet speeds will not be its only primary feature. Experts suggest that 6G may enable terrestrial wireless and satellite communication to be fully connected. This will help achieve smooth global coverage through satellite communication integration.

6G can also fix one of 5G’s biggest problems: fragile connection under high-speed movement.

Other than 6G network, Huawei recently made advancement in car technology with the new Arcfox Alpha S HBT electric vehicle.


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