Chinese carmaker Arcfox announced it would be launching a luxury electronic vehicle. The interesting part is, it will be powered by Huawei.

The Arcfox luxury EV will come with Huawei HI system — a combination of Huawei’s HiCar smart display, LiDar (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, and 5G connectivity. All this technology will help the car have level-3 autonomous driving.


In a teaser, it’s been revealed that the car will be called the Arcfox Alpha S HBT. The acronym stands for Huawei BluePark Together. This will be the very first automobile to sport Huawei’s HI solution for self-driving electronic vehicles.

As been revealed by BluePark New Energy Technology, owners of Arcfox, the car’s self-driving feature will still require the driver’s attention just in case a driver intervention is needed. Something that Tesla also requires its owner to do.


The new Arcfox Alpha S HBT will be presented at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021 happening this April 17, along with three other cars from the company.

In a previous statement, Huawei exec Ken Hu announced that it doesn’t plan on releasing a car under its brand. Instead, it plans to collaborate with actual carmakers to have its Huawei HI system used on them.

Via: Huawei Central

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