Earlier this month, China has launched a satellite to test 6G technology, a feat that’s claimed to be a world’s first. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still preoccupied on improving 5G availability and experience.

The satellite known as Star Era-12 was launched along with 12 other satellites from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to test in space a frequency spectrum that will be considered for 6G, although the global telecoms industry has yet to settle on a final standard 6G specification.

Data-transmission speed through 6G is significantly faster than 5G, which itself is many times faster than 4G. A 6G-powered smartphone, for example, can download a high-definition movie in a matter of seconds.


Several recent reports deem China as the leader in 5G deployment, and the country is expected to be the standard-bearer for 6G as well. Meanwhile, the US—China’s economic and strategic rival—has lagged behind several other countries in terms of 5G availability and average download speed. Global 5G rollout has also been slow due to the global health crisis

As for the Philippines, the mobile network experience has generally improved to varying degrees between geographical regions, with Smart leading in terms of 4G availability, coverage, and speed.

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