Internet performance and quality in the Philippines have seen better days amid the quarantine season, but the country’s Internet is slowly going back to its old normal speeds, according to the Speedtest Global Index

As of June 2020, the average mobile download speed in the Philippines is 16.17 Mbps, up 2.02 Mbps from the preceding month. Average mobile upload speed has increased by 0.31 Mbps to 5.91 Mbps. Overall, the Philippines mobile Internet has climbed eight places to 114th in worldwide rankings. The Philippines previously ranked 100th in September 2019.


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Fixed broadband performance in the Philippines has also improved. The average fixed download speed is 23.74 Mbps, a 1.45 Mbps increase from the preceding month. Average upload has increased by 1.97 Mbps to 23.46 Mbps. Overall, the Philippines is up three places to 108th worldwide. 

Also worth nothing is the improving latency for both mobile and fixed Internet, currently at 42ms and 32ms, respectively.

Sadly, the Philippines has yet to regain its February 2020 fixed Internet performance, when it placed 86th worldwide with an average download and upload speeds of 31.48 and 31.42 Mbps, respectively.

Both mobile and fixed Internet of the Philippines have experienced a drastic drop in quality and performance because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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