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Converge ICT Solutions, an internet service provider, has been making buzz all over the country for about a year now. The amazing internet plans and deals by Converge ICT gave all the attention it needed from the country. With its affordable price, fast speed, and unlimited data cap, Converge ICT became one of the recognized competitors in the internet game.

From FiberX, FiberXtreme, and iBiZ plans, comes another deal that will surely get customers in line. Converge Fast, is a pure fiber Internet network that will provide businesses the speed, security, bandwidth, and service that it needs. Low latency, unlimited data cap, and a very reliable speed are to be expected from the Converge Fast offerings.

The FAST plans will come with an in-house installation and repair team when subscribed to. It will also have its own 24/7 customer support at the Converge Service Desk.

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The Converge FAST plans which start at 2Mbps and can reach 20Mbps are available at different speeds and prices.

  • FAST 2Mbps – PHP2,500.00/month
  • FAST 5Mbps – PHP3,500.00/month
  • FAST 10Mbps – PHP4,000.00/month
  • FAST 20Mbps – Php6,000.00/month

“Our continuing promise is to make customer experience better when it comes to their data connectivity solution, which is a modern business’s lifeline,” said Jesus “Boboy” Romero, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. Chief Operating Officer.

Currently, the company is aiming to expand their services nationwide so that all of the country can experience their internet services.

If interested, one can simply visit their official website or contact their customer service hotline to ask for needed details.

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