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Despite the modern times, Filipinos’ access to an ultra-fast and reliable internet connection is still a struggle.

Only ISPs like PLDT and Globe offer a fiber-based connection to a lot of places nationwide. Second to them are some small providers like Planet Cable, who only offers fast fiber internet connection to very limited select areas.

But a company called Converge ICT Solutions, who has been around for quite some time now, is poised in becoming one of the best alternative internet service providers here in the Philippines. Converge ICT has been focused on providing fiber connections from then on, so we’re pretty sure they are serious in this game.

Today, Converge ICT announced their new household FiberXtreme Plans, which has two really exciting features – at least on paper. First, it is really competitively priced. And most importantly, it has no data caps.

These basically mean that you can use it non-stop and whatever you want without worrying of consuming all your data allowance.

Plan and PricingSpeedVolume Allowance
FiberXtreme 4500300MbpsUnlimited
FiberXtreme 4500500MbpsUnlimited

Other than the new fiber plans, Converge’s existing FiberX plans are still here, with a slightly refreshed offering. The starting plan that’s being offered for Php1,500 per month is has a bumped up speed of up to 25Mbps from its then 20Mbps. What’s more interesting is that all of these plans also has no data cap, too.

Plan and PricingBurstable SpeedVolume Allowance
FiberX 1500Up to 25MbpsUnlimited
FiberX 2500Up to 50MbpsUnlimited
FiberX 3500Up to 100MbpsUnlimited

Other than the household plans, they also announced the iBIZ plans for businesses.

PlanMonthly FeeOTC
iBIZ 10MbpsPhp4,000Php5,000
iBIZ 20MbpsPhp6,000Php3,000
iBIZ 30MbpsPhp9,000Php2,000
iBIZ 40MbpsPhp12,000Php2,000
iBIZ 50MbpsPhp15,000WAIVED

The company also said that they will be expanding their operations to the other parts of the country soon. As per their website, Converge ICT said that they have already laid out more than 6,600km of Fiber Optics Cable nationwide with the help of the Micro-trenching technology, a tool used to easily run cables on the road at a fast rate.

For area coverage, please contact the internet service provider directly.

Anybody here using Converge’s Fiber internet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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