Android Go is a lightweight OS for cheap smartphones

More fragmentation for Android


Android is starting to get overwhelming for budget smartphones so Google is launching a lightweight version for those who can’t keep up.

The mission si Android Go is simple: cater to low spec smartphones and slow internet connectivity. They focus on affordability, multilingual capability, and limited connectivity.

This isn’t the first time Google is leaning to catering consumers with underpowered devices. In the past, 4.4 Kitkat focused on reduced system memory as well as improved memory management.

Apps should be able to run smoothly on less than 1GB of RAM and those who would comply will be highlighted in the Play Store. The overall size should be no larger than 10MB, and the software should be comfortable running in a slow SoC and meager RAM.


In its own ways, Google is adjusting to its users’ needs. For example, the Chrome Data Saver feature helps in loading more pages with significantly fewer data consumed. This compression technology is a big help for those who have limited data plans.


There’s also a new YouTube Go app, which is an optimized variant that enables the user to preview the video before loading it. This is useful so Android Go users won’t have to consume data if they don’t really feel like playing the video. Also, there’s an option to choose the video quality and resolution before starting to play the video to save up on data allowance.

Android devices with 1GB RAM or less will be switching to the “Go” version of Android. In the future, low-end and budget smartphones will ship with Android Go out of the box.

Android now has 200 billion active users, so Google is working really hard in making the experience seamless even for those who have affordable smartphones.

This is definitely good news for those who doesn’t want to go with mid-range and flagship devices. But does anyone still remember Google’s Android One? We haven’t heard anything about it for a while now.

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