Internet service provider Converge ICT is upgrading its metro backbone to have double capacity, from its current data transmission capacity of 400Gbps to 800Gbps.

Converge submitted on July 6 a regulatory filing to the Philippine Stock Exchange to disclose its plan to improve its data transmission capacity.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, Dennis Anthony Uy, the move is in response to the high-capacity needs of its network and customers and in anticipation of next-generation technologies.

Uy cited cloud computing, big data, virtual reality and other recent developments that have generated massive demand on the Converge network and data centers.

To illustrate the effect of doubling the data transmission capacity, chief operations officer Jesus Romero said that at 800Gbps users would be able to download the video game Valorant along with 20 high-definition movies in just a second.

Converge has amassed Php20 billion for its 2021 capital expenditures, including its backbone upgrade.

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  1. Ugh, I hate those kinds of illustrations. How many Library of Congresses is that… If you printed out Valorant and the movies, how tall would the stack of paper be, so we can get meters of paper per second. Were those movies HD, FHD, UHD, HDR… Its 800Gbps, the number is obvious. If you can’t parse that you shouldn’t be investing or just shouldn’t care. It’s a nice upgrade. I can’t find a network map to see where this might apply or really how much effect it would have. But, continued evidence of their growth and investment in infra.