The evolution brought by the internet era has unlocked new business and work opportunities to most Filipinos. Back in the day, most people would have to literally get out of the house to make a living. But now, more and more people are finding ways to make money while at home.

Whether you’re a computer shop owner, online reseller, freelancer, or whatever you do — your work relies on having a fast and reliable internet. So, Converge ICT came up with their new MicroBIZ plan to solely cater to your needs.

The Converge MicroBIZ plan will provide ultra-fast fiber internet connection, with no data cap and a price tag that’s on the same level as most household-level internet services.

The promo starts at MicroBIZ 2000. It has an unlimited data allocation with connection speeds of up to 25Mbps for a monthly fee of Php2,000. On the other hand, there’s also the MicroBIZ 3000 with up to 50Mbps speeds.


Both Converge MicroBIZ promos are subject to a Php2,500 installation fee and a 24-month lock-in period. To avoid giving disappointing subscribers, Converge promised a 30% minimum speed guarantee and service reliability of 80%.

Converge is also offering special packages that are exclusive to the MicroBIZ plans. There’s the Power Plus package that includes a Linksys EA 6350 (Php299/month) and EA7500 (Php599/month) routers.

In addition, there’s also the Protect Plus package with a FiberScope Single (Php199/month) and FiberScope Group (Php740/month) HD CCTVs that will help you monitor your small office or business even if you are not within the premises.

If you’re interested in Converge MicroBIZ, you can apply via Converge’s official website.

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