If you’ve been following the news, a lot of people have lost contact with their loved ones who were ravaged by Super Typhoon Yolanda. If you have information on missing persons, you can help your fellow countrymen through the Google Person Finder.

One of many humanitarian projects initiated by the search giant, the Google Person Finder is a useful means for people to get in touch with friends and families who were affected by calamities. Crises always tend to severe communications, generating anxiety among people. Through the project, one can let the world know that they are missing someone. Responders can then provide whatever information they possess.

With about 15200 records currently tracked for the Typhoon Yolanda, the Google Person Finder can also be accessed through its mobile version. Simply text Search person-name (e.g., Search Norman) and send to 2662999 (Globe), 4664999 (Smart), 22020999 (Sun), or +16508003977. As it doesn’t perform any verification process or reviewing, Google doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the service. Be aware that all data have been submitted by the public.

Blog and site owners can also help by adding an embedded version of Google Person Finder. Instructions on how to embed are found on their wiki page.

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