Do you love the iPhone and its ecosystem? Are you the type who can’t resist upgrading every year and is burdened by it? Have you been praying that telcos would help you in your quest to have an always-updated iPhone? Then fret not, Globe has heard your prayers!

Today, Globe Telecoms has unveiled the first-ever iPhone upgrade promo plan, the appropriately-named Globe iPhone Forever Promo. This new promo program is open to new and existing postpaid subscribers and its subscribers would be able to swap their current devices with the latest iPhone models for free or with a one-time cashout, depending on the device being traded in. And, yes, you can trade in any mobile device. If that didn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will.

There are four subscriber plans in all, ranging from the lowest PHP 1599 to the wallet-busting PHP 6999. Of course, each one comes with their own perks. To have a clearer picture, here’s a table of the plans along with the bells, whistles, and hooh-haahs that come with it:

Globe iPhone Forever Plans

Plan 1599Plan 1999Plan 2999Plan 5599Plan 6999
Free iPhone ModeliPhone 5C 16GBiPhone 5S 16GBiPhone 5S 16GBiPhone 5C or 5S 32GBiPhone 5S 32GB
MembershipN/AN/AN/APlatinum BluePlatinum Blue
Contract Period24 months24 months24 months24 months24 months
Consumable AmountPHP 601PHP 601PHP 101N/APHP 1,000 (International & Roaming)
Freebies1GB PowerSurf LTE1GB PowerSurf LTEUnli LTE Surf, Unli Calls & Texts to Globe/TM numbersUnli LTE Surf, Unli ALL NET Calls & TextsUnli LTE Surf, Unli ALL NET Calls & Texts

The table’s pretty much self-explanatory, except for the Membership. It means that when you avail of Plans 5599 and 6999, you automatically become a member of Globe’s Platinum Blue, entitling you to exclusive access to a dedicated Platinum hotline, priority handling in Globe Stores, discounts and privileges in handpicked partner establishments and nationwide concierge assistance.

Consumable Amount may be used to avail of Combos under Best Ever MySuperPlan and corresponding Points Values will also apply.

Once you’ve selected your desired plan, you can opt to trade in your gadget to either get a free iPhone, or to get a lower cash-out. Here’s the table for it:

TierTrade-in GadgetOne-Time Trade-In Cashout
1iPhone 5, iPhone 4SFree!
2iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Q10, HTC OnePHP 4,999.00
3iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Curve/Bold/Torch, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Nokia LumiaPHP 9,999.00
4All other gadgetsPHP 11,999.00
5No gadgets for trade-inPHP 12,999.00

However, you can only trade in open-line units, or units that came from Globe. If your gadget is found to be ineligible for the trade, then you can opt for Tier 5, so you have to pay a one-time trade-in cash-out of PHP 12,999.00. The cash-outs may be paid through cash or credit card (straight or up to 24 months 0% installment via participating banks).

Oh, and to be clear, when they said one-time cash-out, they didn’t mean one-time to forever. It means that it’s a one-time payment for the duration of the contract (24 months). After that and you re-contract, then you’ll need to pay the cash-out again.

Ok, so what happens after 12 months?

Good question. Well, anywhere between 13 to 24 months after you’ve availed your iPhone via the program, you’ll be eligible to upgrade to a new version of the iPhone. All you need to do is to trade in your “current” iPhone for the new one. Yup, for free. But, if you somehow can’t surrender your “current” iPhone (for example, you lost it or something – knock on wood), then you’ll be forced to pay Tier 5. IMHO, that’s fair enough.

In the unfortunate event that the version of the iPhone isn’t available (though I fail to see a scenario why), then Globe can opt to give you a device of equal value.

After 24 months, then you can re-contract and go through the whole cycle again, hence the “forever” moniker.

Other Globe Plans


If you don’t fancy Globe’s iPhone Forever plans, fret not. Globe also offers the iPhone 5C and 5S on their Best-Ever mySUPERPLANs, a.k.a. their regular post-paid plans. The iPhone 5C can set you back PHP 1,799.00 per month for 24 months. That’s via Plan 999 with PHP 800.00 monthly cash-out. The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, is available for P2,199 per month for 24 months via Plan 1799 with a monthly cashout of P400. Both plans come with unlimited LTE so that you can take full advantage of your precious iPhone.

Get to know the new iPhones

Other Goodies

Of course, whatever plan you choose, you still get the perks of being a Globe subscriber, such as one-month free subscription to Globe Gadget Care, which is their complete mobile phone protection program against theft and accidental damage.

All plans are also still eligible for their ongoing free access to Facebook, which is available until January next year. However, subscribers who will avail of the newest iPhone devices on launch day on November 15, 2013 would also be eligible for a free 1-year subscription to GCASH Virtual Pay and get up to 50% off on iPhone accessories. Yes, Globe is really giving much love to iPhone! It’s unsurprising, really, as Globe has had strong partnership with Apple from the start, ever since they’ve exclusively distributed the iPhone 3G way back in 2008, and they haven’t stopped supporting Apple since.

So, are you pumped up for Globe’s iPhone Forever Plans? Steel your horses. Despite this being “plans”, these are still not regular plans, but are more like promos. As such, it’s going to be offered for a limited time only. Promo opens on November 15 and ends on December 31.

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