Globe, Converge top Netflix ISP speed index for January 2021

Although PLDT and its wireless subsidiary Smart have been hailed as the top internet service provider per the latest Ookla Speedtest report, competing telcos Globe and Converge can also claim victory in a different measure. When we look at Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, the latter two emerge as the top service providers for video streaming. 

Per the Netflix index, Converge and Globe both tied at the top for the month of January 2021, with a 3.2 rating. Since August to January, Converge’s rating switched between 3.2 and 3.4 points. Globe, on the other hand, consistently got 3.2 during the same six-month period, except in September when its rating went down to 3.0. 

PLDT, meanwhile, obtained a January 2021 rating of 3.0, which is down 0.2 points from December. For the past six months, PLDT got 3.0 rating half the time and 3.2 for the other half. 


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At third place in the index is SkyCable, with a January rating of 2.8. For the last six months, SkyCable’s rating ranged from 2.6 to 3.0. And finally at fourth place is Laguna-based Royal Cable, whose rating for the past six months went as low as 2.2 and peaked at 2.6. It got a 2.4 last month. 

For the uninitiated, the Netflix ISP Speed Index is a monthly list of the streaming service that records which ISPs have provided the best streaming experience. It does not, however, measure how those ISPs fare in overall performance and in other Internet activities.  

When it comes to uninterrupted streaming, Netflix recommends a minimum 3 Mbps speed for non-HD viewing, 5 Mbps for high-definition, and 25 Mbps for ultra HD. 

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