US firm grants Php6 million investment to Filipino startup Avion School


Avion School, a Filipino start-up company, was granted a USD125,000 (Php6 million) investment from Y Combinator, the same firm that invested in popular e-platforms like Dropbox, Reddit, and Airbnb.

The Avion School is an edtech (Educational Technology) startup that promises it can teach upcoming software engineers in only 12 weeks.


It only started in 2020 but has already managed to get two major investors. Justin Mateen, the co-founder of Tinder, invested back in July 2020.

Avion School wants to promote software development education in the country, which will help students find employment in related fields. These are the type of jobs that are becoming more popular during the health crisis, as they can be done remotely. It’s also one of the most in-demand jobs in the world today.



What makes it unique is that enrollees can pay for their tuition after finishing the course and getting a job. What’s more, they are also helping their graduates to land a job.

Avion said that the initial investment from Mateen would help support 15 batches within 12 months, which can produce at least 400 new software engineers.

The startup brags that their graduates were able to land positions with salaries 40% higher than the market rate. Some even got salaries that are five times higher.

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