Emerson “Emeng” Pascual, Gapan City’s incumbent mayor, announced that the city’s local government unit is subsidizing its resident’s internet connection.

The proclamation was done via a Facebook livestream last June 1 which highlight’s the importance of online learning during the time of crisis. 

Although a privilege is open to all of the city’s constituents, only a small portion of the overall population is going to claim the benefit citing that only 10% have access to the internet and have laptops.

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Not only is the favor going to benefit the affected residents by dramatically reducing their monthly dues, each qualified household will also be guaranteed a fast internet through fiber optic technology.

The benefit will come directly from the City Hall who will be providing a shared internet to other parties, while charging only a measly Php50 per month for a 5Mbps internet connection.

Via: YugaTech

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