We have seen in recent years how consoles from the past—not considered as retro—shift from their original sizes to a miniaturized version of themselves to appeal to the modern audience. The interest lies not in the resizing, but rather in how they can be played in a newer setting.

Sega, being one of the manufacturers of console platforms in the past, had previously offered the Sega Genesis Mini. Now, the company is even going further as to launch another miniaturization treatment of one of its consoles with the Sega Game Gear Micro—the smallest retro gaming device, in terms of display, to date.


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At a size that fits at least three of the miniaturized device in the palm of an adult—or 1.15 inches (240×180 pixels), specifically—the Sega Game Gear Micro is indeed the smallest official mini retro console there is.

According to Game Gear Micro’s Amazon Japan sales page, the size reduction given to the console is dramatic, it’s smaller than 40% of the original’s body size.


Juicing up the mini retro console can be done in one of two ways—via two AAA batteries or via direct energy source through its micro-USB port.

As per Rakuten listing, the console will come in four color variants, each of which fitted with a unique set of games. Consequently, the product is slated for online sale in the platform beginning October 10, 2020 at a price tag of 5,478 yen or around ~Php2,500 ($50).

Source: Sega

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