Starlink, the internet service of Elon Musk’s SpaceX aerospace company, is really gearing up to enter the Philippine industry. One evidence of that is the Starlink low-orbit satellites that were spotted on top of the country.

A website not officially affiliated with SpaceX called tracks and monitors the location of thousands of Starlink low-orbit satellites moving around in space.

These satellites move constantly in one direction, and as of writing, there are about six to seven Starlink satellites that fly above the Philippines. Low-earth orbit satellites like the ones used by Starlink move at approximately 7.5km/s, which means that they orbit around Earth every 90 minutes or so.



Speaking of which, SpaceX’s official website confirmed that Starlink will be available in the Philippines starting Q4 of 2022, which will make the country the first in Southeast Asia to have the service.

The Philippine government showed its support for SpaceX and even offered help to expedite the permit-acquiring process so the company will be up and running before the current administration ends in June.

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  1. Starlink satellites aren’t geostationary, jeez. Research research din pag may time.