What if you could get paid in kind as you learn about emerging technologies, ranging from the blockchain to Web3, will you believe it?

That might sound like a design inspired by the apprenticeship system of certain trade schools, but that is exactly what is aiming for as it launches yet another P2E-like title to hit the market.

Made by Proof of Learn, is the brainchild of company co-founders and technology veterans Kevin Yang, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, and Lauren Tornow. To launch first in the Philippines, the enterprise is currently in partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG) to get the scholars that are essential to the game. works by mimicking the traditional school system where students enroll in a course where they learn basic and advanced knowledge on the subjects of blockchain and Web3. As the scholars progress in the program, they earn back a portion of the tuition they paid for as well as rewards.

Students who are able to successfully go through a curriculum will receive a Proof of Learn NFT diploma, in addition to treasure NFT which can be exchanged in the marketplace.

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