Amid disappointing missed opportunities to secure medals in the initial four esports events for the country, the Philippines struck gold as Sibol’s women’s League of Legends: Wild Rift representatives crushed the competition on Wednesday during the biennial Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam.

Coming at a rough start, Sibol struggled in the first game during the semi-finals, following Thailand’s clever maneuver that set it apart from the group stages. The latter maintained its position for a while, pushing the Philippine team to a defensive play and eventually evening out the competition at 1-1. But things took a surprising turn at Game Three when Charize “Yugen” Doble managed to execute a Penta-kill, thrusting her entire team to a match point against the Thailand team.


The finals saw Sibol vis-à-vis Singapore, which just prior defeated Vietnam in its home court at 3-0. The first two games saw the former having the upper hand. But the Singapore team is not just letting the competition have its course without a fight. At Game Three, Singapore dominated the round by going after Sibol’s champions one after another.

Sibol pivoted to meeting objectives for wanted leverage, all the while the opposing team hold onto its guns by targeting enemy champions. Ultimately, at around the 20-minute mark, four of Team Singapore’s champions began going down, leading to a climactic conclusion to the finals, 27-21.

The squad is comprised of Angel Lozada, April Sotto, Charize Doble, Giana Llanes, Christine Natividad, and Rose Ann Robles.

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