Remember Flyff, the classic fantasy MMORPG from the mid-2000s? It’s coming back in 2022 as Flyff Universe.

What is Flyff Universe?

When Flyff Universe was officially announced in 2020, it used to be known as Flyff Project M. A startup comprised of Flyff fans started developing the project with the intent of “going back to the origins of Flyff, starting with v7” in collaboration with Gala Lab, formerly known as the development studio Aeonsoft that created the original Flyff.


In short, Flyff Universe is a recreation of the classic game but with upgrades and added quality-of-life improvements. One of the most welcome changes is that this version will be multiplatform; players can play and interact with others in the in-game world Madrigal on a Windows or Mac computer, or even a mobile device, through their web browser. There’s no more game client to download and install.

Flyff Universe Features, Classes, Gameplay

Like in other MMORPGs, players in the Universe take control of an avatar to progress in the game. By gaining experience and reaching certain levels, players will assume one of four classes: mercenary, acrobat, magician, and assist. Each class has two subclasses to further customize skills and abilities to suit the player’s style of play.

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Another change added is the use of a new graphics engine to give the game a refreshed, modern look and feel. Players will be able to adjust various settings such as anti-aliasing, advanced shaders, and post-processing effects.

Several locations are confirmed to be returning to Flyff Universe. Players begin their adventure at the village Flaris and then move to more difficult areas.

Flyff Universe Locations

  • Darkon 1
  • Darkon 2
  • Darkon 3
  • Dekane Mine
  • Iblis Temple
  • Mars Dungeon
  • Rhisis
  • Saint Morning

Flyff Universe Release Date


Beginning 9AM (GMT+8) on May 18, interested players may join the early access to the Southeast Asia server. Gala Lab noted that the server may be unstable, hence the early access label, but ensures character progression will carry over to the proper release of the game.

The same date also marks the start of preregistration for the global launch, which is expected to happen shortly after. Four servers will be available during launch: Glaphan, Kern, Lawolf, and Mia. Gala Lab won’t implement geographical/IP restrictions, so feel free to join and play on any server if you can connect with acceptable latency.

When May 18 arrives, watch out for registration links on the official social media channels of Flyff Universe, including Facebook, or at the official website.

UPDATE: the global pre-registration is now available. Visit, enter your email address add birthdate, agree to the terms, and click Register.

Flyff Universe Early Access

UPDATE as of 5/19/2022: The Lawolf server, or the Southeast Asia early access server, is now online. To play, simply visit on any web browser (including mobile).

Accept the privacy policy, customize your starting guest character, and click Start to connect. A sign-in button is also available for players who already created an account. Note that you will lose any guest character you created when you clear your browser cookies. You’ll need to link your guest character to an account to save your progress.

The server may be experiencing high traffic due to demand, so you may need to try connecting multiple times to get into the actual in-game world. Aware of login-related issues, the developers say they are conducting an investigation and working on setting up a second server. They also temporarily took the early access server down shortly after its launch for an emergency maintenance to upgrade the server’s specs and address the overload.

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