More and more concrete information about the arrival of Starlink internet service in the Philippines is coming out.

Starlink is an internet service by aerospace company SpaceX owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk. It uses a constellation of low-orbit satellites to beam connectivity directly to users. This could greatly benefit island countries like the Philippines.

It’s been confirmed back in March that SpaceX is bringing its internet service to the Philippines. A major contributor to this encouragement was the recent amendment of the Public Service Act that allows the full foreign ownership of companies in the telco industry, among others.


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Department of Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez expressed their support to SpaceX and even offered their assistance to speed up the process of acquiring local permits to ensure they are up and running before the current administration ends in June.

Now, it looks like things are starting to shape up for SpaceX’s arrival in the Philippines.


On Starlink’s official website, it’s been confirmed that its internet service will be available in the Philippines “Starting Q4 2022”. It will make the country the first in Southeast Asia and second in the whole of Asia (after Japan) to have this much-awaited service.

More information about the arrival of SpaceX and its Starlink service in the country should be out soon.

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