Converge ICT Solutions has been on an upward trajectory this year when it comes to revenue growth as it saw its first-quarter net income rise to Php1.97 billion, a substantial 27 percent increase.

Still, the largest chunk of the fiber company’s profit owes from its residential business, which saw year-on-year profit boost of 42 percent to Php6.8 billion.

As of March, the company is said to have some 1.8 million subscribers, a number that grew 52.5 percent from last year. However, it is anticipated that more than 12.2 million homes will be reached by the end of Q1 2022.

On its way to broader customers, Converge ICT Solutions takes part in a massive project that will see the linking of multiple countries, mainly SEA countries in addition to Hong Kong and Hainan—the South East Asia Hainan-Hong Kong Express (SEA-H2X) undersea cable system.

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