Global analytical firm Ookla, through its Speedtest Global Index, has reported a 477-percent increase in the average broadband download speed in the Philippines since 2016.

From 3.18 Mbps in Q3 2016, the average fixed broadband speed has risen to 18.35 Mbps for the same quarter in 2020. In that four-year span, the average download speed for mobile has also increased, by 99.1 percent.


In terms of global rankings, the Philippines still lags behind other Asian countries, including Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Out of 176 countries, the country is 107th in fixed broadband. For mobile internet, the country ranks 111th out of 139. The global average fixed broadband speed is 87.84 Mbps, while the global mobile average is 39.18 Mbps.

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Among internet service providers in the Philippines, PLDT is leading in terms of fixed broadband speed, having earned a Speed Score of 24.76. At second place with a 22.44 score is Converge ICT, followed by third placer SkyCable at 18.25. For mobile data, Globe with a score of 13.47 trails behind Smart at 19.97.


Ookla attributes infrastructure improvements as a major factor in improved Internet performance and connectivity in the Philippines. The company is also hopeful the continued improvements will lead to better satisfaction among Filipino consumers.

Source: Ookla

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