Apple is proving itself as a trendsetter in the electronics space once again as Samsung is expected to copy the move to get rid of the charger and earphones.

In a report by Technoblog, it shows proof that the giant South Korean tech company is indeed intending to ship its latest flagship sans the staple accessories that typically come with a smartphone purchase.

Looking into the evidence, it shows ANATEL—Brazil’s equivalent of US’s FCC—explicitly stating how the Samsung Galaxy S21 trio (S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra) will not come with either of the aforementioned peripherals, albeit in Portugal for now.

Photo by Let’s Go Digital

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It is not entirely sure whether this move was meant to be a regional thing or a universal one. But it only shows that Samsung may have finally made up its choice over the issue that was previously just a rumor back in October, wherein the company was spoken to contemplate whether to stick to a comprehensive package inclusion or not.

We expect Samsung to delete the ads making fun of the iPhone 12 series soon, similar to how they did it with the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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