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Samsung won’t include chargers in some smartphones in 2021 — report


Beginning 2021, Samsung will no longer be including a charger in some of its smartphone package, according to Korean news site ETNews. As per report, the initiative is aimed not only reducing cost, but also because of the fact that consumers presumably already have chargers available at home.

It is not only Samsung who is considering taking the bold move as Apple was also previously rumored to taking the same move as well. Unlike Samsung, however, the giant tech’s plan is targeted to kick in within this year with its upcoming smartphone release of the iPhone 12 series, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


In addition, Kuo also claims that Apple is also projecting to phase out the 5W and 18W chargers in favor of the faster 20W charger.

While the move might be pointed at potentially lowering—or rather, mitigating the probable rise—of cost of future smartphone by both companies, there appears also an environmental consideration with the choice. Something that is clearly directed at reducing waste, that is, unused hardware. 

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