Internet analytics firm OpenSignal revealed that 5G connectivity is faster than WiFi in the Philippines.

The report claims that 5G is superior to WiFi in terms of download speeds and multiplayer mobile gaming. As per OpenSignal, the average download speed of smartphones on WiFi is 26.3Mbps. That’s 10.4Mbps faster than 4G LTE.


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However, 5G has staggering average speeds of 138.6Mbps, which is 112.4Mbps faster than WiFi.

From a different perspective, 5G is 5.3x faster than WiFi and 8.8x faster than 4G LTE. OpenSignal notes that 5G has changed “the balance between cellular and WiFi”. That’s due to how faster 5G connectivity is.



Multiplayer gaming on smartphones is also better on 5G than WiFi. 5G had a score of 62.5 while WiFi did manage to come close at 59.5.


It goes without saying that video experience is also best at 5G with a score of 68.6, versus WiFi’s 47.7.

However, it appears that WiFi is still more reliable than 5G in terms of upload speeds. The average download speed in the Philippines is at 14.4Mbps over WiFi, while 5G is only at 12.8Mbps.

Source: Opensignal

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