We Filipinos can be quite chatty online, so much so that our discussions often become globally trending topics and the headlines of international news. What, then, do we exactly talk about most of the time?

What with the rampant corruption amidst governance reforms, Philippine politics is the one topic that never subsides in online discussions. It’s quite unfortunate that our government is rife with controversies, but at least it’s good to know many of us care for the goings-on in our country’s political affairs. According to GlobalWebIndex, more than half of our Internet and WeChat users are actively expressing their political voices.

The next category Filipinos go gaga over is showbiz. Indeed, we closely follow the latest happenings of our TV and movie idols. Even the latest piece of gossip, no matter how untrue, can lead to a phenomenal discussion that lasts for days, even months.

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Besides politics and entertainment, our Internet culture is also wrapped closely around automobiles and transportation. From jeepneys to race cars, we do have that insatiable need for speed. That and we also happen to be enthusiastic about outdoor adventure, and who can blame us? The summer heat is simply begging us to go on a wild escapade!

And what about selfies? Yeah, we’re great at that too.

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