Ever wondered how well 5G is in other markets? Mobile network analytics firm OpenSignal has the numbers for you.

In terms of speeds, South Korea still has the fastest 5G network as it topped the list with its 432.7Mbps average download score. They also topped the 5G games experience list at 432.7Mbps.


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Countries in the Nordic region also managed to top the 5G download, upload, and peak speeds, as well as markets like Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Meanwhile, the United States has one of the biggest 5G availability at 25.2%, as well as in terms of 5G reach and 5G service.



The Philippines failed to be part of the top lists in major categories, but it managed to pull an impressive 4G-to-5G shift with a 5G Video Experience uplift at 79% increase. However, the Philippines’ download speed uplift is the same as the previous benchmark.


One of the Philippines’ neighboring countries, Malaysia, pulled some interesting scores in OpenSignal’s June 2022 5G report. The country has the best 5G vs 4G download speed improvement ratio, the fastest 5G upload, and the second-best in terms of download and peak download speeds.


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