In collaboration with KDDI Research and Xtera, University College London’s (UCL) research team has managed to achieve the world’s fastest internet.

How fast? 178 Tbs or 178,000 Gbps. It is said to be a fifth faster compared to the previous world record and way faster than the current average 25Mbps fixed broadband download speed in the Philippines based on Ookla’s Global SpeedTest Index.

According to UCL, the engineering team achieved the amazing speed by transmitting data using a much wider range of colours of light, or wavelengths, compared to those typically used in optical fibre.

Internet Speed

For comparison, existing infrastructures are limited to 4.5THz spectrum bandwidth, while the UCL researchers used 16.8THz. 9THz commercial bandwidth systems are scheduled to roll out in the market soon.

UCL says the setup used to achieve the world record can be implemented in current infrastructure by upgrading the amplifiers of optical fibre routes within 40 to 100km intervals. The university also said it’s actually cheaper to upgrade existing setups instead of installing new optical fibre lines.

Anyway, let’s not forget that this 178 terabits per second world internet speed record was tested and achived inside a lab.

Source: UCL

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