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Apple is blocking iOS app updates unless developers implement in-app purchases


Apple is reportedly blocking app updates for developers who refuse to implement in-app (IAP) purchases.

In a tweet, WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg revealed the reason why there are no updates on its iOS app. He claims that Apple “locked” them out for not having IAP for plans.

But after several weeks of no updates, the WordPress iOS has finally been updated. There are no in-app purchases yet, but the Automattic team has confirmed that IAP is coming in the next 30 days.

Mullenweg says the requirement is “problematic” and their team is open for suggestions.


WordPress for iOS enables users to set up their own websites, use custom domains, and access branded emails. However, the users can’t avail the premium features directly from the app, and they have to sign up directly on

Without a doubt, the reason why Apple wants to force Automattic to build IAP on the app is because they are looking to take their 30% cut. This has been the same issue with Epic Games, which built their own payment and billing system to evade Apple’s tax that resulted to Fortnite being kicked out of the app store.


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