10th Anniversary iPhone concept with curved display and ceramic body [VIDEO]


Barely making half a year since it officially made its public release back in September 2016, the iPhone 7 may be getting a successor sooner than expected by way of the so-called “10th Anniversary iPhone,” essentially the iPhone 8. 

As early as this point, Apple have not yet come up with an official name to the will-be successor of the iPhone 7. If not for 2017 making for a 10th year since the first launch of the iPhone, to call the successor as merely “iPhone 8” would not be a hard call. However, rumor has it that the next Apple smartphone flagship may be touted and named as the “10th Anniversary iPhone.”

Early mockup of the device show that the upcoming iOS smartphone may be close to being a 6-incher with a 5.8-inch curved OLED display akin to Samsung’s latest flagship in the Galaxy S series. Conspicuously has its curves on the edge, the curvatures are not as pronounced as the original model mentioned it takes inspirations from.

Not just copying ideas, but also generating its own, the alleged iPhone 8 model will come built with zircon ceramic outer shell which is said to be both lightweight but highly durable. Knowing ceramics being a poor conductor of heat, making use of this material suggests that, even under intensive runs, the unit will not feel hot that often causes discomfort to users.

Like the iPhone 7, the new model comes pre-built with capacitive Home button which also works for Touch ID. Lastly, similar to iPad Pro, comes designed for wireless charging thanks to the so-called Smart Connector.


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