Technology in our present-day world sure are advanced, with unique features launching yearly. However, the folding-screen trend still remains a classic favorite these days. Guess what? Seems like Apple’s leaning towards this idea too.

The company submitted a patent to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) which was granted last February 4. It shows a possibility that iPhone is planning to manufacture folding-screens in the future. Accordingly, these are supposed to be “electronic devices with flexible display and hinges”.

Now, hinges have been quite a difficult subject to talk about since foldable screens emerged in today’s technology. Apple’s hinge on their folding-screen patent ensures that the unit will fold together seamlessly with the help of two flat portions on the hinge which helps separate these two portions and keep them from touching.


In addition, the patent reveals that there are two flaps that can be extended which opens when the device is in an unbent state. These flaps repeal when you fold the device. This allows space for a bent portion of the display along the bend axis. This means the device will not have any weird gap in the spine when folded. This is very much similar to what the Huawei Mate X has.

Still though, it was not made clear whether the folding screen is aimed towards iPhones or iPads. Based from recent trends of foldables adapted by Samsung or Huawei, it’s most likely a platform given to smartphones.

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