Just as when the world is embracing Apple’s latest trend for selling its iPhone products without the charger that’s usually a staple package inclusion, Brazil is not having it—so much as to fine the American tech company $2 million for the feat.

According to Tilt and MacRumors, Apple was sanctioned basically for violating Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Consumer Law Code.

The penalty is not something that the iPhone-maker did not previously see coming, however. Just last December, the company was warned by Sao Paulo’s consumer protection agency, Procon-SP, for potentially breaching the country’s established consumer law, if it pushes on the latest fad it’s kickstarting.


Aside from the issue of the latest iPhone models (and new stocks of old products) being an “incomplete” package, another issue boils down to an alleged misleading claim regarding the iPhone 12’s water-resistance capability, citing complaints of people who encountered water damage to their supposedly “water-resistant” devices and the manufacturer refusing repair, despite being under warranty.

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