Big Taiwanese computer manufacturer, Acer, has been a target of a recent ransomware attack by the notorious group, REvil, and is likely going to cost it $50 million as a result.

According to multiple reports, the company was hacked via a known exploit with Microsoft Exchange.

REvil rose to prominence sometime last year after making a similar attack to Travelex, who was demanded $6 million.

Acer Predator Thronos

As per exchange between REvil and an Acer representative via Bleeping Computer, the company will have until March 28 to pay the asking ransom price, but the former was willing to give a 20% discount for past Wednesday.

Acer did not outright confirm the nature of the event that took place, but told Bleeping Computer to have “reported recent abnormal situations observed to the relevant law enforcement and data protection authorities in multiple countries.”

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