Apple has recently unveiled the newest and powerful operating system for the iPad — the aptly named iPadOS. When we say powerful, it’s REALLY powerful.

The iPadOS builds on the same foundation of the iOS, while adding new capabilities and intuitive features that make use of the iPad’s versatility and large display. This makes the new iPads a perfect device for consumers and creative pros alike.


New Home Screen

The Home screen has been redesigned with a new layout in order to show more apps on each page. Apple is trying to simulate the feel of working on a desktop by putting all of the necessary apps on the first page. Along with this, widgets can also be included for quick access to information. Widgets that can be used include: headlines, weather, calendar, events, etc.


Users can now work while seamlessly going through different apps or even the same app but with different purposes. For example, iPad users can now compose an email while viewing a different email from their inbox. Users can even access different apps like Messages while browsing Safari. All of these activities are made possible by the powerful iPadOS.


More Capable Files App

Accessing and managing documents has never been this easy. iPad users can now have access to the iCloud Drive support in order to share folders. Anyone with access to the shared folder will have access to it via iCloud Drive. Along with that, the iPadOS can now support external drives! Users will now be able to plug-in USB drives, SD Cards or even log into an SMB File server. Take note that all of this can be done through the Files app.

Productivity is also key. the iPadOS can now support quick actions such as mark up, rotate and create PDF.

Internet Browsing with Safari

Say goodbye to Mobile Website versions as the iPadOS automatically presents the desktop version of a website. The websites are scaled appropriately for the iPad’s Display. Web apps like Google Docs, Squarespace and WordPress work great in Safari on iPad. Safari also supports new features such as download manager, 30 new keyboard shortcuts and tab management enhancements.


New Tricks for the Apple Pencil

Users can now mark up and send entire webpages, emails, and documents by swiping the Apple Pencil from the corner of the screen. A new tool palette gives quick access to tools, color palettes, shapes, etc. Latency has now been dropped to as low as 9 milliseconds, making it responsive to your every action.

Improved Text editing

Text Editing has been made easier and faster as you can now simply select text with a swipe and use new gestures to cut, copy, paste and undo. This is perfect for those people writing articles on their iPads, like us.

Additional Features:

  • Dark Mode – also present on the latest iOS 13 for iPhones.
  • Custom Fonts – can be installed for use across the system.
  • Floating Keyboard – saves space and includes support for QuickPath.
  • Photos – Curates the library to highlight the best images.
  • Performance Improvements – Faster Face ID Unlock, smaller iPad app sizes.

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