Are you excited to buy a new iPhone but haven’t decided on where to buy one? We’ve compiled for you the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C prices from a number of retailers in the Philippines.

Though usually sold in their stores as part of a postpaid plan bundle, local telcos Smart and Globe are offering the iPhone 5S and 5C in a prepaid packaging. Both networks are slated to start selling the handsets on November 15.

iPhone ModelGlobeSmarteBay.phKimstoreLazada
16GB iPhone 5CPhp29,000Php29,500Php21,850Php23,400Php24,868
32GB iPhone 5CPhp34,200Php35,000Php29,400n/an/a
16GB iPhone 5SPhp34,400Php35,000Php32,970Php36,000Php37,989
32GB iPhone 5SPhp39,600Php40,500Php39,500Php39,000Php42,857
64GB iPhone 5SPhp44,800Php46,000Php42,500Php42,500n/a

Prices and item availability may have changed after this writing. Note that the prices listed under the online stores (eBay, Kimstore, and Lazada) are based on the cheapest price listed for one unit that’s marked as new and unused. Some color variants have higher prices than others, while additional shipping fee may also apply.

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Postpaid Plans – Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C

It’s worth noting that the prices offered by Smart and Globe are mostly higher than the ones in retail stores. On the other hand, they are iPhone resellers that are duly authorized by Apple. Returns and repairs are generally more convenient when transacting with the local telcos (as well as physical retailers) than the online stores.

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