Only a few weeks are left before the Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the US shopping season. Already, online retail stores are offering discounts and promotional sales. Consumers in the Philippines can take advantage of these deals and even enjoy delivery fee refunds with Globe’s GCash shipping promo.

The promo is made possible through My Shopping Box and GCash American Express Virtual Pay. Purchases made from November 6 to 24 are entitled to a Php 6 refund for every full dollar spent, while November 25 to December 8 purchases get Php 12 refund per full dollar spent. Besides these refunds, all GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscribers also enjoy 3-5% shopping discount.

To claim the refund, the buying customer must provide a screenshot of their online purchase. They will then publicly endorse the promo to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with either #GCashBlackFriday or #GCASHAMEX hashtags. Finally, they have until December 8 to email gcashblackfriday@globe.com.ph the mobile number used to register for the Amex Virtual Pay account, the reference and tracking numbers in My Shopping Box, the screenshot, and the URL to the public endorsement.

With the procedure above done right, subscribers will receive their refund through their GCash registered number. Only GCash Amex Virtual Pay accountholders can avail of this promo. Learn more about My Shopping Box and GCash Amex Virtual Pay, and also check out our own experience of buying products from Amazon and buying mobile apps using those services.

Though Black Friday isn’t here just yet, Amazon is already offering great deals for several gadgets:

  • Asus Nexus 7 (2012, 32GB): $179.50
  • HP Slate 2800 (7-inch, 8GB, Silver): $132.64
  • Sony Xperia Z (unlocked) (read our review) : $515.07
  • Asus F55A-ES01 (15.6-inch laptop): $299.00
  • Alienware ALW14-1870sLV (14-inch laptop): $1012.99

Check out the FAQs about the promo.

Amazon is expected to reveal more exciting deals as Black Friday nears. With the shipping promo in mind, what do you plan to buy this shopping season?

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  1. Myshoppingbox sucks! My package has 0.74 volume weight and 1.06 actual weight and they are charging it for two pounds because of that 0.06. I’m like what? Why do I have to pay another 6 bucks for the .06? It didn’t even reach 0.1. I emailed them twice and they ignored it twice. US companies are more accommodating when you email them. Here in the Philippines? Don’t expect too much. That is how they make money. More like best way to scam people with their unfair rules. Like Philippine customs? We don’t even know if their scales are correct..