A teenager developed the oldOS app, recreating Apple‘s old iOS 4 operating system to run it on new iPhones.

The developer @zzanehip says oldOS is “as close to pixel-perfect as possible” to the original 11-year-old iOS 4. It’s also a fully functional OS, which can even serve as a secondary operating system. The project is open-source and not everything works right now, notably YouTube and Message. Other than that, browsing the web, taking notes, and more are working fine.


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The app is currently available on TestFlight, as it would probably be kicked out of Apple’s app store due to its strict policies. Previous attempts to recreate old Apple software in the App Store have not been successful as well. 

Aside from getting OldOS in TestFlight beta, you can also download its Xcode project from Github if you’re interested in tinkering.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced iOS 15, its brand new operating system for iPhones scheduled for release this 2021. 

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